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Cancer, a Pandemic Disease

Cancer is a pandemic disease. It constantly impacts our minds. One of our worst fears is to hear the diagnosis is cancer. "He fought a brave fight, but he lost to the side of cancer!" And the fight goes on....

What is the dictionary definition of Pandemic and Cancer?

PANDEMIC: [Gr: pan for all, demos for people] = all people
CANCER: [L: for crab, acting maliciously] = exhibiting the properties of invasion and mestasis.
MESTASIS: [Gr: meta for change, Gr: stasis to stand] = a change of stance

It is a "change of stance" that allows cancerous cells to migrate and invade other areas of our body. Maybe we shouldn't be fighting cancer. Perhaps we should better understand the tactics of the disease. Maybe we should change our stance too. We noticed an article on the front page of "The Province" and "The Sun" newspapers a few weeks ago. For those of you receiving this newsletter that don't live in our area, these are the largest newspapers in the province of British Columbia and the city of Vancouver (in other words... this was pretty big news). Here is a synopsis of the article.

B.C. Researchers Find Way to Halt Cancer's Spread
New Compounds Starve Tumours, Giving Hope of Treatment Without Side Effects
- Pamela Fayerman/Vancouver Sun

Researchers have discovered chemical compounds that starve malignant tumours of the blood supply they need to grow and spread, setting the stage for drug trials in humans with breast and prostate cancers. Depriving tumours of their blood supply -- or anti-angiogenesis -- is a popular field because it is theoretically a less toxic way of controlling cancer. The function of vital organs is compromised when tumours grow and spread to other areas of the body. With an anti-angiogenesis drug, the ideal scenario is that it halts tumour growth and then chemotherapy and/or radiation can be used to finish off the job, destroying any residual tumour tissue. 


Research shows that cancerous tumours can send out messages to nearby blood vessels, encouraging them to grow closer. As a result, they become highways for deadly cancer cells to travel to other parts of the body. 

The challenge is how to halt the signals, and B.C. scientists have come up with an answer.

1. A small localized tumour develops. In its cells, a protein called Integrin Linked Kinase (ILK) is overactive and actually stimulates the secretion of a substance that is essential for blood vessel formation. 

2. Lured by the signaling substance, blood vessels penetrate the tumour. 

3. Cancer cells are transported by the circulatory system to other parts of the body where they take hold and begin to grow.

4. The B.C. solution shuts down ILK with patented compounds, blocking production of the blood-vessel formation substance, known as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).

If anyone would like to read the entire article, please send a request.

It was interesting to see that research is being done to produce a pharmaceutical that will result in anti-angiogenesis. 

Nutraceutical medicine research is ahead of them on this one...

P.I. Health Services would like to alert you to a laboratory producing synergistic dietary supplementation designed to assist in supporting cancer therapies. This laboratory is Atrium Biotechnologies. They have successfully concluded phase III trials in cancer treatment products and are presenting their formulas to approved facilities in Canada and the US. One of their products is CarTCell®.

CarTCell® a frozen liquid extract is rich in multiple molecular anti-angiogenic factors*, obtained by cutting-edge ultrafiltration technology. Atrium’s patented molecular fractionation process provides theses important factors 
in their most natural and undernatured state possible. CarTCell® is marketed as a dietary supplement and is recommended world-wide by health care professionals. More information is available on their website.

We are pleased to be involved with this state of the art company and encourage you to call us regarding their programs. Programs are available for a variety of problems... immune, adrenal, liver, etc.

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