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Consultation Information

  Consultation Options

  1. Office visit with Dr. Van Dueck: To arrange an office visit, please call 604-272-4325 (HEAL)  or email

  2. Email consultation with Dr. Van Dueck: $35.00 CAD minimum. 

  3. Phone consultation with Dr. Van Dueck: First hour is $125.00 CAD

Contact Information

P.I. Health Services
6531 Woodwards Rd.
Richmond, B.C. Canada
V7E 1H2

Phone: (604) 272-4325 (HEAL)
Fax: (604) 272-4664

Office Procedures

We are pleased that you have chosen P.I. Health Services to address your core level health issues. Our mission is to educate you through the process with us, so you have the knowledge to gain control over your personal health and quality of life.  We thank you for taking the time to read this page as it contains important information.

Appointment times are specifically reserved for you. If you are unable to keep the appointment, notification is required within 24 hours. If notification is insufficient, you will be charged for the full appointment.

Fee Schedule

Structural and Physiological

  • First Consultation (one hour) - $125.00 CAD

  • If over one year between consultations (one hour) - $110.00 CAD

  • Subsequent visits:
    • 30 Minutes - $55.00 CAD
    • 20 Minutes - $37.00 CAD

  • Additional time is charged in no less than 10-minute blocks:
    $18.00 CAD per block.

  • GST is additional

Nutritional Counseling

  • First Consultation (40 minutes) - $75.00 CAD

  • GST is additional


You will receive a $15.00 CAD Certificate (transferable) for every client you refer to our office. WE APPRECIATE YOUR REFERRALS!

Our next Abbotsford appointment days are Aug 17 & 31 and Sept 14, 28, 2004.


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