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Newsletter A Better Pickled Cuke
A Better Pickled Cuke
  1. To Market, To Market

  2. Fermentation ~ "A Good Thing!"

  3. Recipe: Fermented Cucumbers

To Market, To Market

I lucked out today when I was buying dill cukes. Upon leaving the house I swore I would not be doing any more canning as my feet were ready to fall off by the time I'd done 25 jars of tomatoes and 20 jars of pickled beets. However, driving along Steveston Hwy. I was compelled to take a right turn toward a farm market sporting a sign: Dill Cukes. When I got there, I found wonderful dill cukes and many other perfect fresh veggies. As I filled my bag with cukes, a gentleman asked me if I would be pickling them. I said, "Yes," and sighed as I realized I'd be up until midnight again. He said he had a better way of doing them. Of course I asked HOW?

Fermentation ~ "A Good Thing!"

Here's the recipe. And guess what? It only took me half an hour to do and it's healthier than using white vinegar...which is made from petroleum by-products. These pickles are actually fermented...and as Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing!" Fermented foods have enzymes that help our digestion.

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Fermented Cucumbers

2 rounded tbsp of salt (kosher or sea) to 1 quart (or litre) of water
2 garlic cloves to each quart jar
1 or 2 dill heads per quart jar
Dill cukes

All you have to do is put the appropriate amount of garlic and dill into whatever size jar you decide to use. Make sure jars are sterilized with boiling water first. I used big 4 quart jars but 1 quart jars will be okay too. Put dill cukes in the jar and fill with salt water to about 1/2 inch from top. Put a lid on and leave in room temp for 4 to 5 days until fermentation completes. There may be some bubbling over the edge and salt build up on the rim. When fermentation is completed, move jars to a cool place with a good tight lid. Make sure you wipe salt off the rim to achieve a tight seal. I figure I will put mine in the fridge until it gets cooler and then I should be able to keep them in the garage throughout the winter. Pretty easy!

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