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Newsletter June 25/01 - Susan Van Dueck
Susan Van Dueck and Parker the Sun Conure from P.I. Health Services Parker the Sun Conure says, "Give me more quejos!" Parker's ancestors are Brazilian and he loves quejos. Go figure!
Quejos (Kay Joes) - Bagel Alternative
  1. Brazilian-Style Cheese Buns

  2. How Frances Wong brought Quejos to Vancouver

  3. Where to Buy Quejos

  4. Quejos Nutritional Information

Brazilian-Style Cheese Buns

I promised some information on alternatives to bagels and muffins. Did you know that bagels often have around 40 gms. of high glycemic carbohydrates per bagel? I think this is because they are boiled and then baked. It must intensify the starch content. I’ll have to look into this more. However, here is a terrific substitute - Quejos…Brazilian style cheese buns. They are gluten, wheat and yeast free and yet still taste great. They are made from manioc powder, which comes from the tuber-like cassava plant.

How Frances Wong brought Quejos to Vancouver

When Frances Wong, principal owner of Quejos, was travelling in Brazil she discovered these wonderful buns and embarked on a mission to bring them to Canadians. Upon arriving back in Vancouver, she began to develop her own version of these flavourful buns. She also created thin crust pizza shells, which also are yeast, gluten and wheat free. For more information check out their website at

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Where to Buy Quejos

I bought some quejos for the first time at Granville Market and then I went directly to their store at 4129 Main St. at King Edward. They freeze well so you can stock up. Currently, I am encouraging them to find a store to stock quejos in Steveston.

I’m not mentioning these because I have shares in the company (I wish), but simply because they taste REALLY GOOD and are a great healthy alternative! Try their new flavour... fresh spinach and onion. Yummy!

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Quejos Nutritional Information

Quejos Nutrition Information (50 gm baked serving)
  Extra Cheese Fresh Jalapeno Sundried Tomato Flaxseed & Almond
Energy 183 Cal 172 Cal 176 Cal 202 Cal
Fat 6.4 gm 6 gm 6gm 7.5 gm
Carbohydrates 21 gm 20.5 gm 21 gm 22.5 gm
Protein 5.5 gm 4.6 gm 4.9 gm 5.5 gm
Potassium 47 mg 45 mg 89 mg 76 mg
Sodium 225 mg 218 mg 262 mg 237 mg
Percentage of recommended daily intake of calcium. 9% 7% 8% 8%
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