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Diet Questionnaire (Metabolism Classification)

It is well known that individuals have different types of metabolism. As a result, they react in varying ways to many foods, food supplements, hot or cold weather, etc. As an example, many individuals feel better when they include a large amount of red meat in their diet, while others seem to feel much better if they eat mainly fruits and vegetables. Also, different people react in various ways to stress: some become exhausted quickly, while others enjoy a demanding, hectic schedule; at the same time, some become constipated when they are upset, others tend to develop diarrhea.

This questionnaire is designed to help us, at P.I. Health Services, to determine what category your metabolism falls within. By making this determination, we can more specifically determine what nutrients and supplements will support your metabolism best.

Please click here and a questionnaire will pop up for you to fill out. The results are tabulated and sent to P.I. Health Services, but we do not see your actual responses, so please be completely frank when filling out the questionnaire. This will ensure the best results for you. After you have submitted the completed questionnaire, a diet will be mailed or emailed to you within five business days.


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